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Dragging the Gut Youtube Videos Posted Online.

The following videos were posted on YouTube. Videos are not posted on this site but are merely inserted here to make it easier to view. To view in full screen click on the bottom right corner of the boxes below.

2011 videos

By user dresdfffffddd - runs 9:49.

By Susan Chamberlane. Runs 1:22.

By Susan Chamberlane. Runs 3:41.

By Susan Chamberlane. Runs 1:10.

By Susan Chamberlane. Runs: 2:22.

Slideshow of photos taken by Wesley Rolfson. Runs 4:01

Cole Roth drives with camera attached to his car. Runs 9:48 

"Cole Roth drives with camera attached to car on Friday night. Runs 4:11.

"I Dragged the Gut 2010" video clip runs 1:12. By user mezanotie.

2010 videos

"GutFest 2011" (WARNING: adult language) - runs: 12:09. By user clayton758.

"Dragging The Gut McMinnville, Oregon" - runs: 4:40. By Youtube User termar44.

11 minutes of video in two parts McMinnville, OR Cruise Night - Part 2=7:42. User CelticGunn.

11 minutes of video in two parts McMinnville, OR Cruise Night - Part 1= 4:04. User CelticGunn.

Here's a video of Dragging the Gut '11 created by user BigDaddy4696 - runs 9:53.

Jon Gross created this video "Drag The Gut 2011" put to music - runs: 3:15.

Here's an original video by The Gab Session called "Hey Mac Let's Drag the Gut." Runs 3:51.

News-Register Intern Reporter Edward Stratton Drags the Gut on his bicycle. Runs: 7:53.

Dragging the Gut News story produced by Salem-News.Com. 

Video Runs 15:00

2012 videos

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